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Social made in korea


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MIK'12 has the sole distinction of being the exhibition in the Middle East and North African Region, to showcase Korea and its entire splendor. This exhibition will open up a plethora of new opportunities & possibilities for Korea and UAE.

UAE and Korea are two countries with a very similar and equally incredible growth stories to speak of. Astounding economical upheaval happened in both nations at almost the same time span, with UAE growing to be one of the Oil power houses and Korea into an industrial behemoth.

UAE as a trade hub has inimitable advantages of strategic location, shipping infrastructure, storage capabilities, free-zones and trade friendly export- import policies. Moreover the Arabian Gulf has lion's share of the world's oil reserves. All these factors coercively make MIK'12 indispensable!


Korea has won accolades world over for achievements in diverse fields and UAE is poised to be one of the more prominent trade partners of Korea. MIK'12 takes that relationship, one notch higher by congregating the flagship companies and projects from Korea, under one roof. MIk'12 is a candid display of Korean ingenuity, like never before, in the MENA region

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