Social made in korea
Social made in korea



Exhibitor Package

Exhibition Space*


1. Space Only $375/m2

(Includes floor space ONLY)


2. Equipped stand (Shell scheme) $475/m2

(Includes wall panel, disposable carpet, fascia with exhibitor name,1 spotlight per 3sqm, two chairs, 1 table & 1 waste bin, 1

– 13 amp power socket)



















Promotion Complimentary


Online Media Centre


1. Link to your website from the exhibition website

2. Your press releases on the exhibition download centre

3. Exhibitor information (extra attention for launches)

4. Company presentations of all exhibitors (linked to the exhibitor list)

5. Company name on floor plans

6. Photos and movies of interesting products showcased on website as well as

Facebook &YouTube channels


Onsite Promotion


1. Exhibition Catalogue: Up to 200 words on official exhibition catalogue distributed to all visitors

2. Exhibition Map: Your company name on the main ,‟You Are Here Board‟ Press Coverage

1. Press Coverage: MIK Exhibition to provide information pertaining to every exhibitor to televisions, radios,

magazines, newspapers, facilitating write-ups, interviews and coverage for exhibitor's products



- 5 VIP Invitations

*The participant is responsible for the decoration of the booth. The exhibitor manual will be given to the exhibitors from 25thMarch to

confirmed exhibitors only.